Base: 105.00 (G-10 or in stock wood choices)

​Stabilized wood: actual cost of wood

Kydex sheath: 10.00

Leather sheath, basic: 30.00

​Leather sheath tooled: 40.00​​



AEB-L Stainless steel (stock), 1/16" thick

3" from blade tip to scales

6 1/2" overall length

Variety of handle materials

       ​This design came about out of frustration in the use of a conventional caping knife.  They just didn't seem to go where I wanted them.  This knife can be held in a number of positions depending on the angle and level of accuracy needed.  Held conventionally, it makes quick work of general tasks.  When held like a pencil, it excels at very detailed slicing, similar to the precision that can be obtained with an X-acto knife.  Even though at its core it is a utilitarian tool, I tried to give it gentle curves and lines to make it as attractive as possible while still being able to perform its intended purpose. Please call or email with any questions.

Ergo Caping Knife