Pancake style with integral clip for pocket carry

Kydex taco style.  The Kydex is all ambidextrous due to accessory attachments bolt into eyelets

Pancake style with tooling, rattlesnake inlay, and interior lining.  This is the decorative side of a pocket carry sheath

Pancake style with tooling set up for vertical belt carry

Scout style sheath with dropper loop, lashing straps and mint tin pocket.

Special order pancake style for Inya model set up for a 45° cross draw

Untooled pouch sheath set up for vertical belt carry

Tooled pouch sheath with a loop for horizontal carry

Kydex pancake style with leather dropper loop and fire steel loop

     The nice thing about leather sheaths is that they not only protect the user and the knife, but can also be of  equal beauty to the knife itself.  It can made very plain and utilitarian or made into something one of a kind with hand carving, tooling and inlays with exotic materials.  Below are a few examples of common sheath styles I offer, but the sky is the limit on what can be made for a one of a kind sheath.   I also offer Kydex sheaths for most models and are typically set up for aftermarket retention accessories.