Leather pocket sheath

Kydex pancake style

Specifications :

  • 3 1/2"  blade
  • 1/8" thick
  • 7 5/8" overall length
  • Variety of blade and handle materials
  • Variety of leather and Kydex sheath options


Price with AEB-L and G-10 scales: 180.00

Price with wood scales: 175.00 + the actual cost of the wood used.

Acid etched/stonewashed finish 10.00

Hand rubbed, satin finish blade: 30.00

Metal spacer (brass, copper, bronze):10.00

Colored spacer: 5.00

Sharpened swedge : 15.00

154CM stainless: 12.00

CPM-s30V: 25.00

Kydex sheath set up for large Tek-lok: 20.00

Leather pocket sheath:  50.00

     The S-tac was designed for everyday carry and as a personal defense blade.  A lot of thought was put into this design to put as much knife as possible into a smaller package.  The reverse Tanto blade design allows the blade to cut normally and have a much stronger point for stabbing tasks as it is more reinforced than a conventional grind.  In my opinion it is probably the most versatile blade shape for everyday tasks.  The handle has a full, four finger hold while being only 4 1/4" long and, most importantly, very comfortable in hand.