​Hand stitched Bushcraft style sheath with dangler and firesteel loop

​Hand stitched Scout style/survival sheath with dropper loop, straps, Altoid tin size pocket.  All parts are completely modular and each piece can be disassembled.

​Hand stitched leather pouch sheath


Base price: 200.00 (AEB-L stainless with G-10 scales and machine blade finish).

8670 High Carbon: N/C

CPM-S30V stainless: 40.00

​CPM-3V: 40.00

Micarta: 10.00

Wood: Actual price of wood used

Spacers: 10.00

Acid etched/stonewashed finish: 15.00

Hand rubbed satin finish: 30.00

Kydex sheath: 35.00

Leather  pouch sheath: 55.00

Bushcraft style with dangler loop: 75.00​​

Options and Pricing:

5 1/8" blade, 3/16" thick

10 3/8""   overall length

3/8" pin tubes

Variety of steel and handle options


Viper Fixed Blade Woods Knife